October 11, 2019

Keelung Train and Bus station

The new terminals of the Taiwan Railway Administration are slowly filling. There is still a lot of work going on in tearing down the old station walls and expanding the basic Kuo-Kuang bus station. In the future, most buses in the city should be located between both train terminals.

See the photo album of the most used South terminal here. Head for this one if your ship is at the East wharves. West 2-3-4 and beyond are served by the small but easier North terminal are here. There is a sloping ramp down to the track level. Its modest elevator is easier to spot.

This is a map displayed in both stations. Things have changed, and will keep doing so:

1. KuoKuang station moved to the right of the roundabout, see the photo. All their intercity buses leave from here. Other lines mentioned in my blog have stops along Gangxi street.

2. Keelung Station Visitor Information Center - such an official long description... moved to the right of the KuoKuang bus station on Gangxi street. It is in an old yellow brick building across from the OCAM museum.

This is where bus T99 tickets are sold and the tourist bus starts. Pick up maps of Keelung here.

Note that tourism info is often divided between a desk for Keelung and one for Taipei upon the arrival of your ship. The fact that the national Tourism Bureau does not ever cover both functions, AND cruise lines are still confusing Keelung and Taipei can make you wonder....

As the Hollywood-like sign on Huzi mountain says: You arrived in Keelung, a port for Taipei - a 50 minutes train ride or drive away from here.

May 22, 2019

Yehliu Geopark with Christine

Yehliu Geopark is on most travelers' list. The hoodoo rocks at Yehliu are bigger than other places along the Northeast coast, such as the Hoping island park in Keelung.
You can still walk around and almost touch the various rocks at Yehliu and take your picture with the Queen's Head.