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May 16, 2010

Free WiFi at Keelung Cruise Terminal

When you arrive, you can enjoy the free Wifi coverage in the port on the East and West wharf areas, often the signal may reach your ship. It's simple, all you need is your email address to log in.

Log in instructions

Having difficulty ?
There are also six PC's at the ground floor (pier side) of the harbor bureau for free use by passengers and crew. Please be considerate of those waiting their turn. The Keelung Harbor Bureau is the easiest spot for you. Tables and seats are provided for your convenience. There's even a coffee shop and a smoking area upstairs.

Want to print a page ?
Then go across the road: second floor of the Keelung Cultural Center (open daily 0900-2000, Sunday till 1700) - then upstairs to the Keelung Library where PC's are connected to a laser printer, and for a few NT dollars you can have your hard copies.

And it is all in English - in other places in Taiwan you may need some help to log in using or getting through the Chinese menus. Around the port try the nearby two Starbucks (buy a NT 100 WiFly card, sometimes free access) or BurgerKing (NT 100 WiFly) or 7-11 store.

There are free "Keelung city WiFi hotspots" in public buildings (look for the green logo), such as the City Hall. Internet cafes are rare now, in their place you'll find high speed PC Game halls.

Taipei has choice of two ways to connect.
[1] A fancy WiFly system: TPE-Free/WIFLY.
For the regular version you need to buy your access time first, starting at NT 100 for a day. Cards sold at 7-11 and convenience stores, which serve also as hotspots island wide.

[2] A basic 512Kbps system called Taipei Free is just that: TPE-Free , but hard to connect to.
You'll need to show your passport to register at the Travel Service Center in some MRT stations, or at airports if you don't have a local mobile phone number.

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