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January 4, 2018

Taipei on your own

Keelung's port has a very unique location: where else can your ship get right into the city center? Here is some help with the next step: disembark and Go to Taipei on your own

The city is just 40-50 minutes away by train and bus, almost all signs are bilingual and there are many helpful and friendly locals to keep you on the right path.

Have a look at the map, the best pattern to follow is
  • Keelung-Taipei Main station as the furthest point, by train or buses 
  • Visit the city by metro and city bus, working your way toward the modern Xinyi district and the
  • Taipei City Hall Bus Transfer Station (a 10-minute walk from Taipei 101) for your return to Keelung by intercity bus.
You'll find the train to Taipei most convenient with high capacity and seats always available when all cruise passengers are trying to go to town. The buses are recommended for the return as their departures in the afternoon are frequent, spread out over time and not that busy. At the bus transfer station, you have them all at a few gates next to each other so you can take the first available bus back.

Study the map for the destinations you prefer. Leave town about 90 minutes before your intended return on board and you'll have time to spare for a stroll in the Keelung night market - which is always open at Ren 3rd road for delicious local food. A ten-minute walk to/from the ship.

You can find the full map and explanations here and turn off the layers you don't need. Feedback and questions are always welcome!

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